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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose HEC White Powder Have High Water Retention For Cement Mortar Factory


Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is a white or light yellow, tasteless, non-toxic fiber or powder solid, from alkaline cellulose and epoxy ethane (or chloroethanol) by etherification reaction, is a non-ionic soluble cellulose ether.HEC has been widely used in petroleum exploitation, coating, construction, textile, papermaking and polymer polymerization because of its good properties of thickening, suspension, dispersion, emulsification, adhesion, film formation, water protection and protective colloid.

Product Characteristics

1. Good enzyme resistance

2. Smooth leveling and flow

3. Advanced thickening ability

4. Improve suspension rate

Data Sheet

premium Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) product, a versatile and high-performance solution designed to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from petroleum exploitation to pharmaceutical food. Our HEC, available under renowned brand names such as Walocel, Natrosol, Methocel, Tylose, and Culminal, offers exceptional properties that enhance product performance across various applications.

Our HEC product boasts an impressive viscosity range, with grades like 52000h for high-thickening requirements and 250 hbr for lighter applications. This variability ensures optimal consistency and texture in coatings, construction materials, textiles, and even food products. Its air-drying capability accelerates processes by reducing drying times significantly.

In suspension and dispersion applications, our HEC excels by preventing sedimentation and ensuring uniform distribution of particles. This is particularly beneficial in paint formulations and polymer polymerization processes where stability is key. The emulsification property enhances the mixing of immiscible liquids in pharmaceuticals and food products, improving their stability and shelf life.

Adhesion is another critical feature of our HEC product. It promotes strong bond formation in construction materials like mortars and adhesives, ensuring durability and reliability. The film formation ability provides a protective barrier in coatings and papermaking applications, offering water protection and colloidal protection against environmental factors.

Chemically stable under a wide range of conditions, our HEC product is safe for use in sensitive applications. It is tasteless, non-toxic, available in white or light yellow fibrous forms making it suitable for pharmaceuticals and food products without altering flavor or appearance.

Whether you're involved in petroleum exploitation where thickening agents are crucial for drilling fluids or engaged in creating innovative coatings with superior adhesion and protection qualities; whether your work revolves around constructing durable buildings or developing pharmaceuticals that require precise dispersion; our HEC product stands ready to elevate your projects with its unmatched versatility and performance excellence.

It has advanced production technology 
and equipment, perfect quality management system which provides a solid guarantee for the production of high-quality products. Different kinds of products are available in our company.

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