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HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) is a chemical raw material widely used in various industries. It is a non-ionic, water-soluble cellulose derivative. HPMC offers a range of functional properties that make it a valuable ingredient in numerous applications. It acts as a thickener, binder, film-former, and stabilizer in various formulations. HPMC is commonly used in the construction industry as a key component in cement-based products, providing improved workability, water retention, and enhanced adhesion. It is also widely utilized in pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and food applications. HPMC provides benefits such as controlled release, improved texture, and increased stability. Its versatility and compatibility with different substances make it a popular choice for manufacturers seeking effective chemical raw materials for their products.

Yujin's HPMC factory optimizes its supply chain to guarantee the regular provision of top-grade Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose powder, underlining our leadership in the HPMC powder sector. We specialize in offering HPMC in a pure, white powder form, recognized for its high quality and effectiveness.

Our assortment of HPMC products is distinguished by a spectrum of viscosities, tailored to meet the specific requirements of various applications. From high viscosity HPMC, ideal for enhancing stability and performance in construction adhesives and materials, to lower viscosity versions perfect for use as pharmaceutical dispersants and food thickeners, we aim to fulfill the stringent demands of our clientele.

Designed for superior adsorption characteristics, our HPMC chemical solutions are versatile, supporting a broad range of uses such as in construction for wall putty and adhesive materials. The stability and absence of taste in our HPMC make it a preferred option in the food sector, where it serves as a dependable thickener.

Our dedication to both innovation and quality shines through in our provision of HPMC for the construction industry, boosting the efficacy of construction adhesives for stronger, more reliable bonds. Furthermore, our HPMC plays a pivotal role in pharmaceutical dispersant formulations, delivering the consistency and excellence required by the healthcare field.

Yujin New Material Technology Co., committed to pushing forward the production and supply of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose. With a wide-ranging portfolio of HPMC products supported by a pledge to quality and innovation, we stand as a pivotal force in the international arena, catering to the construction, pharmaceutical, and food sectors with unparalleled excellence.

It has advanced production technology 
and equipment, perfect quality management system which provides a solid guarantee for the production of high-quality products. Different kinds of products are available in our company.

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